Multifunctional PHYSIO pillows come in four variants. Pillows vary in size but most of all they differ in functionality and possibilities of their use:

PHYSIO pillow Mini

Multifunctional PHYSIO Mini Pillow – with dimensions of 180 cm x 33 cm – is a small and...

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PHYSIO pillow Multi

Multifunctional PHYSIO Multi Pillow – with dimensions of 190 x 35 cm – is a medium-sized universal pillow intended...

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PHYSIO pillow Duo

Multifunctional PHYSIO Duo Pillow – with dimensions of 300 x 30 cm – is our longest pillow that consists...

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Multifunctional PHYSIO Flexi Pillow – with dimensions of 190 x 32-37 cm – is a 2 in 1 pillow...

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