Discover our PHYSIO pillow!

The Multifunctional PHYSIO pillow by Ceba Baby is a new, updated version of our standard Cebushka pillow. Our Multifunctional PHYSIO pillows come in four versions: Mini, Multi, Duo i Flexi (with a unique and patented solution introducing an inside zipper that allows for adjusting the elasticity of the pillow to your needs). Our Multifunctional pillow offers you the following PHYSIOtherapeutic benefits: it relieves your spine, helps you find the most comfortable position during post-delivery period and during your sleep, it provides support for your baby when it learns to sit up or needs a supportive nest. It will also help you in all kinds of mobility disorders, discopathy, degenerative changes in spine and joints, spasticity and shortening of muscles. It will provide support during postoperative periods and after strokes by preventing and treating bed sores. Multifunctional PHYSIO pillow is classified as a medical device and it is registered at the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products under the following code: UR.DIM.IMZ.410.00297.2018

How to use our Multifunctional PHYSIO Pillow?